Homeowners associations are an often overlooked and misunderstood part of owning a home. But the truth is they offer many benefits to residents, like providing and maintaining recreational amenities and keeping the neighborhood aesthetically pleasing. At Boulevard, we’re lucky to have Associa at the helm with representatives who work on neighborhood improvements, community engagement and safety.

Boulevard’s homeowners association team consists of Evette Pope, community general manager, Lynette Murphy, general manager of the sun associations, and Parris Jackson, community assistant manager.

Parris is the most recent addition to the team, and she’s your first point of contact at The Rec Center. She’s available to answer your questions and ensure that any issues are resolved quickly.

Evette, the general manager for the Boulevard Master Association, oversees landscaping maintenance and manages The Rec Center. She also prepares site visits for compliance with the covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) at Lincoln, Sunset, Newbury, Mulholland and Huntington and coordinates all architectural applications with the committee.

Lynette is the general manager for Boulevard’s townhomes. She is responsible for the exterior building maintenance and handles the site visits to comply with CC&Rs.

Whatever you may need, these three are here to assist. So stop by or give them a call today to say hello. They’re always ready to improve the quality of life here at Boulevard.