“Out the door and, in less than ten minutes, I’m hiking. No need to drive.” For Kevin and Minglee, it’s all about the outdoors. Running, biking, hiking – anything that gets them moving and enjoying the fresh air. So, when shopping for a new home, they had two priorities. First, they needed something with an easy commute to Kevin’s San Francisco tech job. And second, they wanted a place where they could indulge their love of the outdoors. At Boulevard they found both.

Easy access to work and recreation is what first drew Kevin and Minglee to explore Boulevard, but it was the homes that truly won them over. “This one is so unique,” Kevin said of his Union floor plan, remembering the other neighborhoods they visited. “There’s so much sunshine!” The natural lighting, along with the large kitchen island, really made this the perfect place for them. Since he works from home two days a week, the kitchen serves as Kevin’s home office, while Minglee’s set up shop in the second bedroom for her own work with startups. Then, at the end of each day, Kevin’s home office returns to its primary duty. “We cook at home. Mostly homestyle food.”

Boulevard has been great for their work-at-home, cook-at-home lifestyle. But as to what they love best, it always comes back to location. Not just to the outdoors, but to lots of things. “I commute to San Francisco about three times a week with BART,” explained Kevin. “It’s very convenient and easy. And I love how close we are to Whole Foods. We also go to the movies a lot.”

And then, of course, there’s the trails. They’ve explored many throughout Dublin and its neighbors – even tried some kayaking – but it’s the Iron Horse that’s become an indispensable part of their lives. Kevin hikes it every day, and Minglee bikes it just as often. It’s the perfect way to get the outdoors and exercise fix they love so much, although there’s one more thing that will make their Boulevard experience complete. “I’m really looking forward to the Rec Center. The gym, of course, but especially the ping pong table.”