“We love having friends over and hosting dinner parties. But that wasn’t easy in an 800 square foot apartment.”

Andrew and Andrew have a wreath for every season. They live to entertain and love the holidays. In fact, last year they hosted a total of four Christmas parties, all in their tiny San Francisco apartment. It was challenging, to say the least. And that’s how they knew it was time for a change.

“After four years cooped up in the city, we were over that life. We wanted to settle down and enjoy something calmer.”

That’s what they found at Boulevard. Instantly warm and inviting, with an urban feel in a suburban setting – plus all the amenities. But it was the neighbors that really clinched their first impression. “We went to a block party. Everyone was very welcoming and confirmed what we’d been hearing.” It wasn’t long before they began to feel like they could grow into the community at Boulevard. But it wasn’t just the great neighbors that sold them on Boulevard. It was also the homes.

“When we saw Sunset, we knew it was the one,” said Andrew. “The layout was awesome. There were tons of windows and lots of natural light.” And then they saw the kitchen with its giant island, plenty of space and everything they needed to entertain. That’s when they knew they were home.

They put all their upgrades into the kitchen since that’s where they spend the most time. One’s more into cooking, the other into baking, but both Andrews love inviting friends over to share their creations, from lasagna to wine pairings to their caramel-filled prize-winning snickerdoodles.

Of course, they can’t entertain all the time, and that’s when they enjoy how easy it is visit the nearby Livermore Wineries, and maybe hit Whole Foods on the way home before having dinner together and curling up on the couch to watch some HGTV – or just taking a quick stroll through the park. “We love being so close to everything. Love the location. We’re really looking forward to watching Boulevard grow and we can’t wait to see what comes next.”