Who doesn’t love a movie night in the winter? Whether you’re into high-paced action films, lighthearted rom-coms or suspenseful dramas, Boulevard homes have the ideal living rooms for you, and they’re designed to be warm in the winter months.

Skyline’s open living spaces flow easily from the family room to the kitchen, making entertaining for kids sleepovers or movie nights simple. Romantic dinner dates have the perfect ambiance with a dining room that can face your television at Broadway. At Hyde Park, you can use your spacious living room for that exercise class you’ve been wanting to try. Plus, Downing’s living spaces are perfect for when you need to multitask and want to watch your favorite show while you cook, as the kitchen and great room flow into one another.

Sleek and modern features are a great complement to state-of-the-art media options. Consider a custom home theater that rivals the ones at your local movie theater. Flat-screen TVs deliver an ultra-thin design and narrow profiles that are just right. Slim soundbars offer a high-definition experience, echoing off your living room walls.

All that’s left is to curl up on the couch with a cozy blanket and decide on a good movie! There’s no better time than winter to enjoy your living room at Boulevard.