Meet Sophia and Alex – the creative masterminds behind this DIY guest room at Boulevard and hosts to some very lucky overnight guests.

Alex and Sophia saw their guest room as a chance to carve out a cozy spot for those visiting their home, an opportunity to combine their individual design preferences to create one cohesive, visually appealing space. And that’s exactly what they did.

Bringing a background in fashion and plenty of creative direction to the table, Sophia took the reins on this home project. Inspired by the quaint, eclectic feel of boutique hotels, the guest room is the couple’s Pinterest board brought to life.

While Sophia is a fan of bold design, saturated colors and maximalist décor, Alex appreciates the simplicity of Scandinavian style – think IKEA-esque furnishings and minimalist fixtures. They met in the middle, melding masculine design elements with the softness of earth tones and pops of pattern throughout.

Thankfully for Alex and Sophia, Boulevard is close to shopping destinations that covered each of their design needs. The couple found colorful deco-accent books, a striped accent blanket and dazzling golden frames at HomeGoods®, followed by a visit to Crate & Barrel, where they picked up an eccentric bedside lamp. As for the art, only some pieces were purchased – the rest are original pieces by Sophia herself.

After settling on the room’s design and gathering the materials to make it happen, the couple got to work. Alex took the lead on construction, and the room began to come together with every trip to the Lowe’s® nearby.

Sophia referred to the finished product as “mid-century,” the perfect blend of her and her husband’s styles. Each touch to the room was made with intention, and it certainly shows. The couple jokes that their cat, Charlie, might make the guest room his new residence. With a pillow like that, who could blame him?

For Alex and Sophia, what started as a vision for their guest room makeover became a wildly successful, did-it-themselves home project. So if you want your Boulevard home to feel a little more like you, take it from these two – DIY renovation is entirely within reach.

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