Urban. Fresh. And oh so walkable. Boulevard has plenty of paths to help you hit your step count and get you where you need to be.

First stop: The Rec Center! Here, you have plenty of space to immerse yourself in 14,500 square feet of good vibes and great times. So pull up to the outdoor lounge, hang out at the café or play your day away over a game of pool or table tennis. Because you call Boulevard home, this exclusive amenity is your one-stop spot for family-friendly fun.

Ready for a brew? Our next stop’s for you! Walk over to Persimmon Place, where you can grab a cuppa from Starbucks or a nutritious smoothie from Vitality Bowls. You’ve got choices—and that includes the option to sneak in a quick grocery trip to Whole Foods, too.

After all that walking, you must be famished. Lucky for you, it’s a perfect day to stroll over to one of the many eateries at Persimmon Place. And sure, you could dine in. But when Don Biddle Community Park is just a short walk away, we’re thinking an impromptu picnic at the park is on the menu. Follow this up with a short walk across the rustic trails and bridges to take in the veteran’s sculpture and wildflower fields, and you’ve got the ingredients for a day well spent on your hands.

And at the end of it all, when you’re ready for some quality time with your little ones, your next stop has to be one of Boulevard’s many walking trails or themed pocket parks, where there’s a vibe for every mood. Whether you’re looking to hang at The Hangout or kick things up a notch with some alfresco games at The Well, you’ve got the option to walk over to your favorite go-to spot or indulge in the variety of living at this always-happening, forever-fun place to be.

Boulevard is so much more than home. It’s literally your everything. Here, you get to take a stroll. Hit your stride. And take it all in. All you have to do is lace up, head out and find your starting point.

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