Rushika and Chinmay were excited to take the next step in their lives together. They knew they wanted to settle down, start a family and buy a house of their own. After renting for so long in San Mateo, they had big dreams of owning their first place. So the pair moved into Chinmay’s parents’ house for a brief time to save some money and set their sights on becoming homeowners.

When they saw the floor plans at the neighborhoods available at Boulevard, they were impressed by how versatile the community was. “It was modern, classy and clean,” recalls Rushika. The rooms were incredibly spacious, with plenty of space for Rushika’s jewelry line, Clayphoria, which she makes and sells Indian-inspired treasures. Drawing creativity from their travels, food, interior design and even Kathak dance, Rushika and Chinmay could envision the decorations going up, and they knew they had found their home.

“We were so excited to decorate our home in a way that reflects both of our personalities,” says Rushika. “That way, it becomes our home. Both of us are big homebodies, so having a place to call our own and feel comfortable was very important to us.” And so, in July of 2021, they moved in.

While Netflix and chill “with a glass of wine,” adds Rushika, is their preferred pastime, Chinmay loves the prime location of Boulevard too. With the community’s proximity to shops, restaurants and public transport, the two visit farmers’ markets and coffee shops and enjoy the local scene in downtown Livermore and Pleasanton. That’s when they take a break from staying in and cooking a delicious meal from scratch.

“I am in love with our kitchen,” says Rushika. “It is so beautiful that it motivates us to cook from home all the time. We cook a lot, and it’s special because we are both big foodies. We make everything, from pasta to Indian curries to Asian food.”

But what they’re really looking forward to is renovating the backyard so they can garden, cook and host friends—like their new neighbors, who invited them to a block party the second day they moved in.

“It’s been so lovely meeting people with diverse backgrounds and having fun conversations with them. Everyone is warm and welcoming,” exclaims the couple.

Now, as their family begins to grow, they have a great foundation to enjoy life at Boulevard.