It’s the season for giving back. And we’ve found a few ways you can pay it forward this year and make a difference in the lives of others around Dublin.

The Open Heart Kitchen is known for feeding the hungry of the Tri-Valley. Once registered as a volunteer on their website, you can take shifts at various Open Heart locations. This holiday season, they are running their annual holiday meal drive – accepting food and financial donations. Click here for information on how you can contribute to this cause.

Another way to help put a meal on the table for families in need is through the Children’s Emergency Food Bank in Dublin. This local non-profit, all-volunteer organization works to provide for families in emergency situations. If you wish to volunteer or donate, be sure to call the phone number provided on their website.

If you’re looking for a different community service opportunity, you can also volunteer your time at the Dublin Senior Center. For those who want to help create rewarding friendships, intriguing activities and a lifestyle of possibilities for senior citizens, be sure to fill out the Dublin Senior Center volunteer application available on their website.

So don’t just give thanks this holiday season. Give back. And make a difference in the lives of others around Dublin.