Life at Boulevard? It’s a modern, friendly, walkable dream for happy Huntington homeowner Kevin.

“I grew up in very car-dependent suburban environments. Then I moved to Downtown Los Angeles, which was completely the opposite—busy, noisy, crowded but walkable.”

So what’s a young professional to do when he wants a little bit of both?

Boulevard was the answer. With the unique ambiance of a big-city suburb, this vibrant yet peaceful community comes equipped with modern and spacious homes to suit every lifestyle as well as state-of-the-art amenities—everything you need to thrive. And Kevin couldn’t agree more. Because he calls Boulevard home, this enthusiastic host has countless choices when it comes to exciting spaces to entertain in. From a spacious floor plan featuring a gourmet kitchen in his Huntington home to the lounge pool and surrounding grills at The Rec Center. By Kevin’s admission, Boulevard’s 15 pocket parks, especially The Kitchen, have also seen plenty of him and his guests.

“Boulevard is like the best of both worlds—quiet when you want it to be yet still lively and walkable when you want to get to your favorite hangout spots or grocery stores. Prior to moving to Boulevard, I lived in historic properties that, while charming, lacked creature comforts like open living spaces, large kitchens and in-unit laundry. It’s definitely an upgrade!”

With modern, open-concept living spaces that are inspired by comfort and togetherness, Kevin and his housemates—his sister, Faustine, her boyfriend, Frank, and their adorable pup, Georgie—love entertaining at home, sharing meals and relaxing in their striking three-story Huntington home.

That’s not the only thing Kevin’s four-bedroom haven offers. With a suite on the ground floor for Kevin and a third-floor primary suite for his sister and her boyfriend—they also have two bedrooms that moonlight as home offices or guest rooms. In his own words, “the three-story floor plan our home offers is actually perfect for our living situation and lifestyle.”

Perfect interiors aside, when that California sunshine hits, you’ll catch this real estate consultant outside any day of the week. Whether it’s for short walks between meetings, which he expects will shift to the future community park once it’s completed (hello, Don Biddle Community Park), swimming laps at The Rec Center’s pool or even indulging his adventurous spirit through hikes at nearby Mission Peak, Mount Diablo and Tassajara Ridge Trail—there’s plenty of outdoor to explore at Boulevard.

When work calls, Kevin finds that easy access to highways and thoroughfares is crucial to stay on top of his game. And when the workday comes to a close, it’s just as convenient to hop on one of those roadways and head to a lively local hangout spot. His personal favorite? Happy hour at Lazy Dog. Plus, with exciting eateries in Downtown Pleasanton and shopping hubs such as Persimmon Place and City Center Bishop Ranch nearby, Kevin’s never too far from his next favorite experience. After all, convenience is part of the deal when you live at Boulevard.

“I drive a lot for work, so having the 580 and the 680 within three minutes of leaving my house is super convenient. Honestly, it’s The Rec Center and proximity to BART that really sold the neighborhood for me.”

And that’s the wonder of Boulevard. Surrounded by adventurous hikes for a dynamic lifestyle, 15 pocket parks to soak up the sun, homes designed for the warmest of welcomes and a 14,500-square-foot rec center with dedicated spaces to recuperate, reconnect and get active—life at Boulevard is all-around awesome.