“We simply asked ourselves, ‘Would we rather work from home in our house in Oakland or from a new house in Dublin at Boulevard?’ We think we made the right choice.”

Sherwin has his own real estate investing company, Flite Invest, where he helps busy professionals invest in real estate. He and his wife, Lulu, were living in their Oakland home with their two young children when they decided it was time to find their next great investment. And Boulevard was the intuitive choice.

“The fact that we could get a brand new home at Boulevard for the same price as a fixer upper or flipped home in Oakland was already intriguing. Once we saw the amenities and all the new developments going on in Dublin, we could see the incredible value of this community.”

Not only was the location ideal in a real estate investor’s eyes, but most of their favorite activities were right around the corner. From jogging on Iron Horse Trail to indulgent daytime dates at one of Livermore’s wineries. Or spending the afternoon shopping alfresco with a boba pick-me-up at the San Francisco Premium Outlets or City Center Bishop Ranch. For this couple, living at Boulevard meant a fulfilling life was right at the tip of their fingers—and they loved that it offered even more to their little ones.

“Our kids love to go swimming at The Rec Center, and we often take wagon walks with them around the neighborhood. With the schools, nearby parks and more square footage in our home to run around, we can truly say that living here has improved their quality of life—which was our main priority.”

But, of course, how their new home fit the way they lived as a family was also essential. With three levels in their single-family design at Mulholland, their home is now big enough for everyone to have their own space. Their open third level has been taken over by both the kids’ toys and mom and dad’s Peloton and workout equipment, and they love having the extra flexible space for extra quality time.

“Even though we love our movie nights with the kids, we’ve been fortunate enough to meet some of our neighbors, who we now consider our close friends. Shoutout to our Mulholland bubble!”

Sherwin and Lulu can’t help but feel like they hit the jackpot when it comes to neighbors. The families will hang out and play their Oculus together. Or the kids will ride their bikes and scooters together while mom and dad host Happy Hour or Whiskey Wednesday.

“You can buy your house, but you can’t buy your neighbors. Now we all have a saying: It doesn’t matter what we do, just as long as we do it all together!”

And Sherwin and Lulu can’t wait for all the excitement to come to share with their newfound Boulevard family. They’re looking forward to exploring more restaurants and shopping around town plus the future 31-acre Don Biddle Community Park coming soon to the community. They couldn’t be happier with their new investment in their new home at Boulevard—and they can’t help but feel it’s the best one yet.

“Boulevard is what we call the ‘top of the top’ when comparing it to other surrounding neighborhoods. It has been an awesome experience, and there’s no doubt in our minds that we made the right choice.”