A new hobby turned into a new home for Jina and Jason, a first-time buyer couple who fell in love with Boulevard unexpectedly. When they found themselves living in isolation due to the pandemic, they decided that touring model homes would be a fun way to pass the time. After all, it was something they could do socially distanced and was an air-conditioned activity.

One day, from their San Francisco apartment, Jason found a city named Dublin on the map and asked Jina if she’d like to look at some homes in that area. Even though Dublin hadn’t even registered on Jina’s radar—she “had no idea where it was”—she was happy to continue seeing model homes, so they packed up their toddler, Rei, in the car and hit the road.

As it turned out, Dublin was less than an hour’s drive from San Francisco. The couple was pleasantly surprised by its location and accessibility to the list of places they loved most.

But what were they not expecting? Adding Boulevard to the top of that list. From the moment they pulled into the community, they both felt as if they had been there before.

“We could not get over how much it reminded us of our childhood neighborhoods. It was clean with a lot of green space and parks close by.”

And when they stepped into the model homes, they “liked how all the homes had modern amenities, open floor plans and…there was just a feeling.” They knew Boulevard would take their hobby of touring model homes for fun to purchasing a new home for their growing family. Together with their pups Boko and Bartolo, Jina, Jason and Rei moved to Boulevard.

Now, Jina and Jason are totally in love with being homeowners. “As this is our first owned home, we’re enjoying how we can personalize it and make it truly ours. We’ve enjoyed decorating for Halloween and now Christmas and seeing how our neighbors decorate their homes too!”

The friendly neighbors have been their favorite part about moving to Boulevard.

“All of our neighbors have been very approachable, and we are always exchanging phone numbers to keep in touch. As a new family, we love that everyone is in a similar phase of life and that our daughter has a lot of friends her age.”

They even have everything they need within driving distance: “We shop at Persimmon Place, Pacific Pearl Plaza and Target. And the guys are really into Tim’s Taco Tuesdays, and we try to keep it a weekly tradition”—the first of many traditions, no doubt.

With another baby boy on the way, the Christmas lights aren’t the only reminder that life is joyous. At Boulevard, their future looks brighter than ever.