“We wanted to get the most with what we could afford, and that’s exactly what we found at Boulevard.”

Joanne and Mac check all the boxes for the perfect picture of family. The dancing daughter. The video game-loving son. The pandemic puppy. But with an 1,800-square-foot rental home in Belmont, they knew they had outgrown their home. That’s when they started their search for that dream home that would fit their family to a T.

“Especially when the stay-at-home orders came, we realized that we needed more space. Everything was happening at the kitchen table—working, schooling and eating.”

With a design-savvy mind and experience in the realm of architecture, Joanne was drawn to the contemporary feel of the homes at Boulevard. It was different than any other fixer uppers they had toured within their price range, and the new-construction aspect soon became a deal maker. Aside from the vibrant yellow front door she’s always dreamed of, her favorite part of the house is the kitchen.

“Once we saw the kitchen, it was love at first sight. It was everything we wanted without the headaches of renovating an older home.”

The kitchen is definitely the heart of this family’s home—and food is something that brings them together. Whether it’s Japanese or Indonesian cuisine, trendy bubble waffles or favorite fast-food replicas, Joanne, Mac and their kids love to cook up a good time. And with Whole Foods at Persimmon Place just steps away and the Asian supermarket at Pacific Pearl in Livermore, a new concoction is always on the table.

“We start and end every day together in this open-concept space, and we’ve been enjoying all the family time we can soak up with the kids. But now we have a home that allows us to spread out and have our moments of individuality.”

There’s a corner of inspiration for all. Private, spacious bedrooms for the kids. A craft room for mom. And office space for dad. Even puppy Miso has his own doghouse in the great room specially built by Joanne. Plus, there’s an indoor-outdoor element with the open-concept dining room and secluded backyard that’s seamlessly joined by a sliding glass door.

“The hydroponic garden is the most exciting thing happening in the backyard these days, but we’re so excited to have people over to entertain alfresco with an outdoor bar cart built by Mac and an inviting fire pit.”

Joanne and Mac are looking forward to sharing their beautiful new home with their family and friends, but the scene at Boulevard and in Dublin is also enticing. Whether it’s spending time at The Rec Center, exploring the Iron Horse Trail, discovering the local gems around town or getting to know more of their neighbors—they can’t wait for the experience of it all.

“It’s that modern, urban feel in the burbs. The family home we’ve always envisioned is now a reality, and it’s exciting to be part of a brand new community to have the opportunity to build the spirit of this place. Ten out of ten would recommend calling Boulevard home.”