Living at Boulevard is living near everything. You can make your way to shops. Restaurants. Parks. Great schools. And The Well Studio just minutes away at Dublin Place. This wellness hub brings a holistic approach to healthy living closer to your front door.

Ron Kodl, disabled military veteran turned franchise fitness facility owner, and Stacy McGinty, founder of Dragonfly Yoga Dublin, felt that so much more could be done to build a supportive and health-conscious community centered on fitness and mindfulness in Dublin.

Once the pandemic hit, the public’s perspective of healthy living evolved—and that’s what fueled the creation of The Well Studio, a space that’s not just a fitness center or yoga studio. It’s designed to be a place where people can come together to grow, learn and be well as a community.

Whether it’s personal training or small group classes, there are a range of options to start your wellness journey however you see fit. Build your strength at a bootcamp-style class. Bust a move with an urban dance-inspired U-Jam session. Tone your muscles in a Barre class. Or find your flow with yoga for all levels. The Well Studio brings fun, relaxation and a healthier you into the mix.

“We believe that when people feel their best, they create healthier and supportive communities.” And to go with that mantra are wellness services that come with The Well Studio membership. Relax and detox in the infrared sauna or work with Molly Obert, the in-house nutritionist, to create a customized program that will support your personal health goals. Plus, you’ll soon be able to take part in organized outdoor events to connect with nature and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals.

Ready to sign up for your membership? The Well Studio is right next to your home at Boulevard and is excited to support you on your journey to becoming the healthiest version of you.