Halloween is upon us, and with the season comes fun décor and costumes – in addition to ghoulish gourds to decorate. While carving a pumpkin remains a classic tradition, you don’t always have to cut into your favorite orange squash. From gorgeous painted pumpkins to simple balsa wood jack-o’-lanterns, there are so many ideas to make pumpkins that are fun, easy and kid-friendly.

Whether you’re considering painting, decorating or bedazzling your pumpkin, the best squash to pick is one that’s big, smooth and flat. But warty pumpkins are an excellent backdrop for scary jack-o’-lanterns too. It’s all about the creativity and imagination you bring to the task.

When it comes to painting pumpkins, the sky’s the limit. Check out these glow-in-the-dark pumpkin ideas that look great during the day and at night. Or splatter paint your gourd by channeling your best Jackson Pollock. Another idea is to make a chic DIY glitter pumpkin with primer and spray paint that will really wow the neighborhood. And for some easy pumpkin décor, consider decorating with pushpinsbuttons and fabric.

There are tons of local pumpkin patches in the Tri-Valley area. From Joan’s Farm & Pumpkin Patch to Moore Pumpkin Patch to JG Trees, there’s a perfect pumpkin waiting for you.

Now all that’s left to do is pick out your pumpkin, gather supplies and create a masterpiece in your new home at Boulevard in Dublin.