With all the amenities that Boulevard offers, Iron Horse Trail is an added feature that runs right along the community. This multi-use trail provides a 20-foot-wide, separated, off-street path for walking, biking, running and other activities along its 32-mile pathway on top of an abandoned railroad line. Discover commercial areas, business parks, open spaces and more as you have fun enjoying the day.

The trail runs from Pleasanton to Concord and is excellent for all ages and endurance levels. It passes through 12 cities and connects through several public parks.

It’s also a great chance to pack a picnic lunch or stop to eat at Persimmon Place. Grab dessert too before heading back home.

So what are you waiting for? Round up your kids and furry friends and bring them along for a safe, fun and pleasant way to spend time in the area – another perk of living here at Boulevard.