“We’re impressed with Boulevard as a whole. There’s an array of neighborhoods, pocket parks and so many different people of all generations. There’s so much to explore and experience.”

Part-time bloggers. An inspired photographer and an acapella connoisseur. Young professionals and urbanites. Philip and Michael are full-time thrivers with a lifestyle as unique as it is full. Wanting more time on their hands led them to Mulholland at Boulevard in hopes of being closer to their work in San Francisco and cutting commute time in half.

“I was driving 2.5 hours to get to work every day. Now with the pandemic, my only commute is from the bedroom to my home office, but at least we’ve got a really great place to live!”

Now with Michael spending more time at home and Philip having a shorter drive to the UCSF Medical Center, the two have been able to experience Boulevard and fall in love with all it has to offer—from the eclectic eateries and lively scene of Dublin to the urban lifestyle and one-of-a-kind community setting.

“We always found ourselves spending time in Dublin when we lived in Tracy. We really fell in love with the restaurants and the area, so it made all the more sense to move our lives here.”

With today’s new reality, Philip and Michael have gotten to dig into their love for interior design. From flooring upgrades and kitchen renovations to countless trips to HomeGoods at Persimmon Place for those finishing touches, they’ve really transformed their new home into a place that’s well-suited to house their creativity.

“We love having a floor plan that works for us with a tech room and an extra bedroom we’ve turned into more office space. Plus, it can also be enjoyed by our friends and family with a comfortable guest bedroom downstairs and an open area and large balcony perfect for entertaining on the second level.”

With two big dogs, having outdoor space was a must for Philip and Michael. But having a lot of yard to manage at their Tracy home didn’t fit their schedules—or lack of green thumbs! Now their indoor-outdoor living offers more enjoyment than stress with a covered patio and balconies that are easy to maintain. Plus, they’re looking forward to all the other outdoor, dog-friendly spaces coming soon to Boulevard.

“The stairs and 2,870 square feet are great for the dogs to run around, but we’re very excited for the future community dog park and Don Biddle Community Park.”

And that’s not all Philip and Michael are looking forward to. They’re anticipating many incredible experiences to come, whether at Boulevard or beyond. From socializing with neighbors to traveling to Europe for the first time together. And they’ll be sure to share all the excitement on their personal blog, Waking Up with the Wangs.

“Creating, capturing and sharing memories is what we love to do, and we can’t wait to do more of that at Boulevard. It’s a place that’s modern and fun—and it feels like the perfect match to who we are.”