Mother’s Day is a special time of the year when we celebrate the person in our family who does so much for us all. If you’re looking for some great Mother’s Day ideas, you’ve come to the right place. There’s so much you can do to celebrate Mom without leaving home and so much you can do around Dublin.

Suppose you’re looking for a fun stay-at-home activity. In that case, we recommend taking a page from Netflix’s “Nailed It!”—the competition baking show that asks amateur bakers to recreate masterpieces that are, of course, impossible to make. Nailed It!—Mother’s Day Edition asks the kids to create a baked-good version of a photo of Mom. A fresh batch of Rice Krispies will allow for molding her face and shoulders. Then order edible candy eyeballs and a frosting that matches her hair. Put on a 20-minute timer for the competition and let Mom judge who “Nailed it!” Pro-tip: For extra cute photos, buy little chef’s hats for the kids!

Speaking of chef’s hats, taking Mom out to a kid-friendly restaurant for her special day is another excellent move. Places like Denica’s Real Food Kitchen and Market Tavern Dublin are great for kids and will put Mom at ease. Order a round of special drinks, think bubbly for the adults, Shirley Temple for the kids, and take turns saying something kind about her before toasting. Kids will learn how to be grateful, and she will feel the love of everyone stopping to say thanks.

If a picnic in nature is more your jam, head toward Las Trampas Regional Wilderness Park. The Bollinger Creek Loop Trail is kid-friendly, a mile long and has a creek running alongside it. Be sure to go in the morning before it gets too hot. Let the kids gather leaves, sticks and rocks to make earth art together. Mom will be impressed by the creativity and that no one is asking for screen time.

And if you want to give Mom some peas and quiet, plant a vegetable garden together. Go out of your way to buy a giant floppy hat, make her some lemonade and cultivate togetherness! Peas, lettuce, cucumbers and peppers are the easiest to grow. For extra on-theme fun, prepare a veggie platter for munching and these vegetarian pressed Italian sandwiches.

Whatever you do, she’ll love it so long as it’s thought through and thoughtful. With so much to do around Boulevard, it’s easy to create memories that you—and Mom—will never forget.

Happy Mother’s Day!