Your home at Boulevard is your oasis. Your haven. A space dedicated to you. To connect. To decompress. And if you find yourself—like many others—spending more time than usual at home, then you’ve stumbled across the perfect moment to take a little time to reorganize and realign your space.

When it comes to getting your favorite areas to look put together, sometimes it’s as simple as lining a shelf with a series of stylish baskets for added storage. These handy containers can add that X factor in terms of decor while also offering a convenient way to hide the clutter.

Another way to ensure your space stays Pinterest-perfect is to bring in some under-bed storage boxes. Whether you use them to store items beneath beds or sofas, this hack is an organizational dream! It’s something small enough to stay out of sight—but not out of mind—especially when you need a simple solution to store bits and pieces away.

The savvy homeowner knows that organization isn’t limited to your home. Your garage is often uncharted storage territory too! If your new home at Boulevard—like select floor plans at Skyline and Broadway—comes with a tandem garage, why not add some shelves to the alcove on the side to store groceries from Sunday’s Costco run? For bay garages, up your storage quota with a series of ceiling storage racks for effective use of all the space available to you. After all, your home at Boulevard is built with your needs at the center of it all.

And the ultimate secret to an organized space—multifunctional furniture. Be it a sectional that offers storage space, a side table with space for blankets, or benches with cubbies or an opening top for the many alcoves in your home. Multifunctional furniture takes what you can do with your home and elevates it.

Now that you’ve got the inspiration you need to whip your space at Boulevard into shape—let’s get to organizing so you can get back to living.