Boulevard gets a (green) thumbs up! Not only are our versatile floor plans perfectly designed to help you work hard—you can play hard, too. And if working from home has taught us anything, it’s that having the space to curate pockets of peace is vital. What could bring more peace than an at-home garden?

Lucky for you, Boulevard is home, and every crevice is teeming with potential. Each floor plan at Skyline by Lennar and Broadway and Hyde Park by Brookfield Residential offers ample deck space with plenty of railing—the perfect spot to hang window box planters. The decks themselves boast generous square footage for standing planters of any size or style. Either way, the herbs you plant there will serve to elevate your culinary masterpieces.

If you’re looking beyond the realm of herbs, sizeable porches and side gardens in upcoming homes like Lombard will be the ideal spot for larger planters like these. Or these.

For a gardening element that defies gravity, we think homes like Skyline—where high ceilings and windows overlook staircases—provide the perfect canvas to situate hanging plant holders. Or why not add a money plant—or an orchid or terrarium—to any window ledge for a little pop of color?

If your gardening style is more hands-off, there’s hope for you yet! Live moss walls are a great way to liven up any indoor space and—this is where you come in (or don’t)—require minimal supervision to survive. Let’s just say, they’ll ensure your Zoom background is going to be a focal point. As it should be. You can find exciting options here and here. And here.

Right up there with moss is bamboo. Bamboo needs little to live long—with a splash of water and the slightest amount of sun, these survivors are ready to thrive.

Your home at Boulevard is built to fit your needs, and it shows. So what are you waiting for? Ready. Set. Grow!